KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection by Kylie Cosmetics – Swatches & Review

KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection by Kylie Cosmetics – Swatches & Review

During May 2017, Kylie Cosmetics released a special collaboration with none other than Kylie Jenner‘s big sister, Kim Kardashian West. The collaboration saw a new limited edition four piece lipstick kit featuring a whole new formula, the crême liquid lipstick. ALL shades in the kit are nude but different tones of nude. As many beauty lovers would know, Kim is known for her iconic nude lip looks, its sort of become her signature go-to shade. Not only were all the shades nude toned but each lipstick in the collection was named after Kim and her nicknames; given the moniker’s ‘Kim’, ‘Kiki’, ‘Kimberly’ and ‘Kimmie’.

KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection by Kylie Cosmetics

We are all aware of the liquid lipstick range from Kylie Cosmetics, but this new collection set from Kylie Jenner’s collaboration with KKW Beauty has seen an entirely new crême formulated lipstick! With Kim Kardashian West being predominantly know for her nude lipstick looks, it was only fitting that this new four piece kit is a nude shade range, offering makeup lovers to try out and wear varying tones for a natural lip look.

The Products & Formula
The brand new formula from the KKW Beauty & Kylie Cosmetics collaboration is a light-weighted creme liquid that is between a gloss and a matte lipstick (if you were to combine the two), where they do not dry nor are they completely opaque. However, you’ll be surprised, they’re very pigmented and sort of semi-drying on the lips. They do transfer a tiny bit, so keep in mind you would need to re-touch your application if you were looking to have longer wear time or eat whilst wearing them. They also have no scented fragrance to them at all, much unlike the other regular Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks, which have a Vanilla Icing scent to them. Click through and browse the collection below..
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More on the formula; they each come in the regular quantity size tube of 0.11 Fl Oz. 3.00g, and their product description as listed on the official store site suggests that they’re a ‘sheer to medium‘ coverage that can be built based on desired lip intensity. That the unique creme formula contains moisturising and hydrating ingredients that glides on for a luxurious and creamy finish. Giving a natural sheen while feeling ultra lightweight on the lips. ‘Kiki’ is a pinky, mauve nude that has definitely become my favourite shade from the four, ‘Kimmie’ is a reddy brown tone nude which is quite opaque and a much deeper nude shade, ‘Kim’ is a peachy nude with a soft light coral twist, and ‘Kimberly’ is a true nude that is a more beige brown tone. Swatches are below, they’re on paper in natural direct sunlight. I’ll also swatch them on my arm and lips very soon, so you can see what they’re like on the skin and upon wear. But for now, here they’re…


KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection Swatches
L – R: ‘Kimberly’, ‘Kim’, ‘Kiki’ and ‘Kimmie’

$45 USD | $57 AUD (based on current rate) | £33.80 GBP (based on current rate)

Where To Buy
The only place to buy this limited edition product is of course, the official website store kyliecosmetics.com OR kkwbeauty.com, the official website of Kim Kardashian West’s NEW beauty line, KKW Beauty.

As expected, the product completely sold out on the first launch and later on it was restocked but then sold out again. Kim recently restocked the kit on her KKW Beauty website and if there is any announcement of another restock it will be posted on the KKW Beauty Instagram & Twitter, as I believe its now the only official store selling it out of Kylie Cosmetics or KKW Beauty.

KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection by Kylie Cosmetics

I would have to say… yes! I love that the formula is moisturising, not completely drying, easy to take off and still very pigmented just as the matte lipsticks are. I love the variety of nude shades and I feel like these four shades can be worn during the day and are suitable for any activity or event. I also think they have a decent duration of wear, considering these are a creme formula and aren’t completely drying, they wear quite well and last a decent amount of time on the lips. I recommend priming the lips with your fave lip primer base before application for the best duration of wear. There is also no need to moisturise the lips after wear as these beauties do not dry completely on the lips, also meaning they do not dry out your lips whatsoever.

Have you tried any of the four creme liquid lipsticks from this collaboration? What did you think of the formula and what is your favourite shade? I think mine is ‘Kiki‘.


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