Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Matte Revolution Lipstick 3.5g – November 2022

Introducing the new Matte Revolution formulated lipstick from the ever so popular, Charlotte Tilbury. This gem marks the second lipstick from CT, that I own. It is also the second matte lipstick I now have in my collection from the range and I can see myself getting more in the future, after I’ve used up the two I have. This particular one I am focusing on today is the shade ‘Wedding Belles‘, a deep muted mauve-pink. The first ever shade I purchased, was of course, the ‘Pillowtalk’ matte one. Let’s take a much closer look at this new long-lasting formula from Charlotte Tilbury.

Product, Packaging & Texture
– Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Matte Revolution Long-Lasting Lipstick in ‘Wedding Belles’ 3.5g; now I have always been a fan of a hydrating matte lipstick, when I think of them, I always think of those that I’ve discovered already like Bobbi Brown Cosmetics luxe defining lipsticks and lip tints. Now I have discovered yet another fave, the newly formulated matte revolution formula from Charlotte Tilbury! This is the shade Wedding Belles and it comes in a net weight size of 3.5 grams, a perfect amount that will last a while. Described as a hydrating, 3D high pigmented lipstick, with a lasting longevity of 10hrs. It infuses safflower seed oil, papaya extract for a smooth glide-on application, that keeps the lips hydrated while wearing. It also comes in refillable bullet tubing, so you can grab a replacement and just slide it into the case. The lipsticks from CT also have a squared tip mimicking a lip brush, for perfecting precise application on the edges and contours of the lip. Wedding Belles is a warm-toned muted deep mauve-pink with a satin matte finish. It comes in a gorgeous rose-gold bullet lipstick design casing with sparkly diamond-like detailing embedded into the lid and body of the packaging. Take a closer detailed look below.

Worldwide Prices & Availability
Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Matte Revolution Long-Lasting Lipstick in ‘Wedding Belles’ 3.5g;
Australia: $55 (Mecca) – $57 (CT) AUD
Available: online and in-store at Mecca and Charlotte Tilbury.

USA: $37 USD
Available: online at Charlotte Tilbury and at Beautylish And online & in-store at Sephora.

UK: £29 GBP
Available: online and in-store at Charlotte Tilbury, Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and ASOS.

New Zealand: $59 NZD
Available: online & in-store at Mecca NZ, Cosmetics Now and Pharmacy Direct.

Canada: $43 CAD
Available: online & in-store at Charlotte Tilbury, Net-a-Porter and Sephora Canada.

My Thoughts & Impressions
– Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Matte Revolution Long-Lasting Lipstick in ‘Wedding Belles’ 3.5g; I love how creamy and satin-y the formula of this matte lipstick is, not to mention the gorgeous opaque pigmentation from the colour. It really has that one-swipe, glide on application and the squared tip helps to do the edges. I have enjoyed how it wears on the lips and how long it lasts too, I wore it for 5hrs total without any touch-ups, I haven’t yet tried it whilst eating but that will be my next test. I really like the natural deep muted pink tone this lipstick has, its perfect for any occasion but especially a nice dinner date/outing. I can already see myself picking up further shades from the same range after I use up this one and I would likely get a back up of this shade too. So that begs the question, would I repurchase? the answer is, yes. I would repurchase and re-stock this shade, the formula is creamy smooth and it wears pretty well on the lips.

Disclaimer: the products in this post were all purchased by myself. This post is not ad. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and are my own. All of the photos featured in this post are my own and require permission from myself for any reuse or republishing.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Defining Lipstick – May 2021

Bobbi Brown Luxe Defining Lipstick – May 2021

Introducing the brand new Luxe Defining Lipstick range from one of my top faves, Bobbi Brown! Bobbi Brown recently launched a new range of power pigmented lipsticks that are in pencil-tube form with a self-sharpening tip for defined and precise application. The launched range comes available in a multitude of shades, with the longevity of wear lasting hours with 12hr moisture! The shades range go from neutrals, to warm reds, to cool nudes. There is really something for everyone and I can tell already these babies are going to the top of my faves list quickly.

Product, Texture & Formula
– Bobbi Brown Luxe Defining Lipstick 6ml; the luxe defining lipsticks are formulated with carnauba wax, offers a creamy matte, power pigmented colour payoff that also nourishes the lips and has up to 12hr moisture. They have a lip-sculpting tip that self-sharpens within use, they can define a look or redesign one. They’re perfect for a exact application with defined edges and has the glide of a lipstick with the precision of a pen. The texture is so soft & creamy with a matte finish. The lipsticks come in 6ml size and last a very long time. The packaging is a slimline pen shaped, gold metallic case, with a clip-on lid and a twist up dispensary.

Worldwide Pricing & Availability
Bobbi Brown Luxe Defining Lipstick 6ml;
Australia: $58 AUD
Available: online at Bobbi Brown Australia and Adore Beauty, and online & in-store at Myer, David Jones and Mecca.

USA: $34 USD
Available: online and in-store at Sephora, Nordstrom, Harrods and Look Fantastic.

UK: £29 GBP
Available: online and in-store at Bobbi Brown UK, Selfridges, Look Fantastic and Harrods UK.

My Thoughts & First Impressions
I firstly was drawn to the gorgeous packaging the lipsticks are encased in, the gorgeous metallic chrome tube and twist up dispensary is so easy to use and the texture of these babies are so creamy, smooth and matte. I love the intense colour payoff, there is complete opaque pigment from the one swipe glide of these! I love that the lipsticks tip is like that of a pencil and they self-sharpen within use, that is amazing! I love the easy twist up and the sturdy clip on lids, they’re perfect for taking traveling (when that can resume again) and have become a quick favourite in my go-to rotation. I am always excited about all of Bobbi Brown’s releases, I can’t stress enough the quality of their products.. they’re always top notch and perform fantastically.

Would I Restock?
That has to be a solid definite yes! I have fallen in love with this new release lipstick range from Bobbi Brown, the colour payoff is second to none and the smooth, creamy matte formula is so addictive! I love the way they feel on the lips, the comfortability and the hydration. They feel very nourishing and light while on, they also last for hours and hours. The range also comes in a variety of shades to suit everybody, from warm reds, to cool tone neutrals and in between. I love this release and I highly recommend checking out these gorgeous lippies!

Disclaimer; the products in this blog post were sent in to me for my consideration with no obligation to post, despite being gifted that does not alter my review in any way, all views and thoughts are honest and my own. This is a non-paid for blog post that I decided to publish on my own.

Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss – April 2020

Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss – April 2020

Introducing the coveted new Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss high-shine colours from Bobbi Brown Australia! Now available in 12 shades, the formula is a plumping, hydrating, non-sticky gloss that ranges in tones from nudes to warm bolds. With an ingredients inclusion of avocado oil, jojoba seed oil, arabica coffee seed oil and hyaluronic acid, these are super smooth and ultra hydrating! I’ve been lucky enough to try out a range of the colours and I wanted to share my thorough review and thoughts about the new release.

Swatches & Formula
In the collection, there is a total of 12 high-shine glosses; including the limited edition shades created in collaboration with Yara Shahidi. With a super smooth formula that is hydrating, plumping & non-sticky, this range of glosses can be worn alone or over the top of a lipstick. The shades in my collection are: ‘Hot Streak’ – a bright vibrant red/pink, ‘In The Flow’ – a deep red/burgundy, ‘Slow Jam’ – a deep mauve pink, ‘Spring Bliss’ – mauve medium pink and ‘Forever Chill’ – a mid brown beige. Below, you can see the swatches from each shade in my collection…

This range of high-shine glosses can take you from nudes to bolds with a colour to suit all skin tones. The ingredients is packed with enriched hydrating oils, including jojoba seed oil, arabica coffee seed oil, avocado seed oil and sodium hyaluronate. They’re all free from parabens, sulphites, phthalates, gluten and animal derived ingredients. I love wearing them on their own and also over the top of my crushed lip colour lipsticks.

Prices & Availability
The high-shine Crushed Oil-Infused Glosses are available for $40 AUD each at the following stores & online; Bobbi Brown Australia, David Jones, Adore Beauty, Myer and Mecca Maxima.

Final Thoughts & Review
I love the hydrating, smooth formula and the long length of wear, they last quite a while upon wear. I also love that they’re non-sticky because that can be hard sometimes to find glosses that aren’t and these are definitely not sticky, such a plus! I enjoy the range of colours there is in the collection as well! Would I repurchase? Definitely! I love how the high-shine glosses can be worn both either on top of another lip colour or by themselves as an overall cover. Because they’re slightly translucent, you can build up multiple layers to get a more fuller coverage.

The products above were kindly sent in to me for consideration of creating content with and writing a review. This does not alter my honest thoughts and opinions in any way.

KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection by Kylie Cosmetics – Swatches & Review

KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection by Kylie Cosmetics – Swatches & Review

During May 2017, Kylie Cosmetics released a special collaboration with none other than Kylie Jenner‘s big sister, Kim Kardashian West. The collaboration saw a new limited edition four piece lipstick kit featuring a whole new formula, the crême liquid lipstick. ALL shades in the kit are nude but different tones of nude. As many beauty lovers would know, Kim is known for her iconic nude lip looks, its sort of become her signature go-to shade. Not only were all the shades nude toned but each lipstick in the collection was named after Kim and her nicknames; given the moniker’s ‘Kim’, ‘Kiki’, ‘Kimberly’ and ‘Kimmie’.

KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection by Kylie Cosmetics

We are all aware of the liquid lipstick range from Kylie Cosmetics, but this new collection set from Kylie Jenner’s collaboration with KKW Beauty has seen an entirely new crême formulated lipstick! With Kim Kardashian West being predominantly know for her nude lipstick looks, it was only fitting that this new four piece kit is a nude shade range, offering makeup lovers to try out and wear varying tones for a natural lip look.

The Products & Formula
The brand new formula from the KKW Beauty & Kylie Cosmetics collaboration is a light-weighted creme liquid that is between a gloss and a matte lipstick (if you were to combine the two), where they do not dry nor are they completely opaque. However, you’ll be surprised, they’re very pigmented and sort of semi-drying on the lips. They do transfer a tiny bit, so keep in mind you would need to re-touch your application if you were looking to have longer wear time or eat whilst wearing them. They also have no scented fragrance to them at all, much unlike the other regular Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks, which have a Vanilla Icing scent to them. Click through and browse the collection below..
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More on the formula; they each come in the regular quantity size tube of 0.11 Fl Oz. 3.00g, and their product description as listed on the official store site suggests that they’re a ‘sheer to medium‘ coverage that can be built based on desired lip intensity. That the unique creme formula contains moisturising and hydrating ingredients that glides on for a luxurious and creamy finish. Giving a natural sheen while feeling ultra lightweight on the lips. ‘Kiki’ is a pinky, mauve nude that has definitely become my favourite shade from the four, ‘Kimmie’ is a reddy brown tone nude which is quite opaque and a much deeper nude shade, ‘Kim’ is a peachy nude with a soft light coral twist, and ‘Kimberly’ is a true nude that is a more beige brown tone. Swatches are below, they’re on paper in natural direct sunlight. I’ll also swatch them on my arm and lips very soon, so you can see what they’re like on the skin and upon wear. But for now, here they’re…


KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection Swatches
L – R: ‘Kimberly’, ‘Kim’, ‘Kiki’ and ‘Kimmie’

$45 USD | $57 AUD (based on current rate) | £33.80 GBP (based on current rate)

Where To Buy
The only place to buy this limited edition product is of course, the official website store OR, the official website of Kim Kardashian West’s NEW beauty line, KKW Beauty.

As expected, the product completely sold out on the first launch and later on it was restocked but then sold out again. Kim recently restocked the kit on her KKW Beauty website and if there is any announcement of another restock it will be posted on the KKW Beauty Instagram & Twitter, as I believe its now the only official store selling it out of Kylie Cosmetics or KKW Beauty.

KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection by Kylie Cosmetics

I would have to say… yes! I love that the formula is moisturising, not completely drying, easy to take off and still very pigmented just as the matte lipsticks are. I love the variety of nude shades and I feel like these four shades can be worn during the day and are suitable for any activity or event. I also think they have a decent duration of wear, considering these are a creme formula and aren’t completely drying, they wear quite well and last a decent amount of time on the lips. I recommend priming the lips with your fave lip primer base before application for the best duration of wear. There is also no need to moisturise the lips after wear as these beauties do not dry completely on the lips, also meaning they do not dry out your lips whatsoever.

Have you tried any of the four creme liquid lipsticks from this collaboration? What did you think of the formula and what is your favourite shade? I think mine is ‘Kiki‘.