I draw inspiration from multiple things but the biggest inspiration behind this blog is that I hope to help people find quality products with ease, that not only they can afford to acquire but that is also right for them, personally.

With the hectic amount of products out there on the market and the huge competition surrounding them, it can be a bit confusing for people who just want to know whats good or isn’t. And its frustrating to of spent money on the wrong items, we’ve ALL been there. Whether they’re not sure what their needs really are, in terms of skincare, foundation colour, etc. Or what products they should trial out to benefit from in other ways.. I aim to help them discover what works best for THEM, and of course inform them about each products availability and pricing.

My Muses
I admire and love the iconic Coco Chanel. Businesswoman, designer, always sketching ideas, Coco Chanel oozes fashion, popular on-trends and ideas. Just the sheer creativity from Coco really inspires and I love her for that. The amazing things she did for women, its just incredible! Definitely something to be celebrated and remembered for. As you may know from reading my blog title, you’ll easily know now where the ‘Coco’ part came from.