About Me

Jacqueline, an avid beauty lover with an addiction to makeup and skincare. Living in Sydney, Australia, I enjoy sharing my top finds; information on product releases, availability, where-to-buy worldwide, my own experiences and reviewing the latest product launches from the market.

Beauty blogging and I go way back to 2003; my first blog was called ‘So Fresh!’, later on in 2006 I started a new beauty blog & was writing blog posts with a fellow beauty-loving friend on WordPress, reviewing what latest products we had been loving, and even after all those years my love for it hasn’t changed. It really started from there and hasn’t stopped. You can use the internets ‘Wayback Machine’ to see the archives of my old blogs. I began blogging solo full-time in 2015 after my son was born. I’ve always enjoyed photography and writing, so combining those two with my love for beauty products; both from the makeup and skincare world, has evolved this beloved blog of mine, Coco and Chino’s.

I do hope that you find my posts helpful. For finding the right quality products to try out and use for yourself, or even for future knowledge and reference down the track. I’m currently in the process of acquiring all the right equipment for filming videos; tripod, ringlight, etc.. as I eventually endeavour to create and film tutorials, as well as share all of my future shopping hauls for making fun unboxing videos and much much more on my upcoming Youtube channel!

My main focus across all of my content and social media platforms is makeup and skincare, however, I would also LOVE to start adding in some lifestylefashion content every now and then.

Contact: jac@cocoandchinos.com