Pixi Beauty Makeup Range Focus & Review – June 2023

Introducing some the amazing, affordable makeup products from my fave; Pixi Beauty. Featuring the Nuance Quartette Honey Nectar face palette, Large Lash mascara, EyeLift eyeshadows in ‘Chiffon’ and ‘Sunset’, the Rose Lip Nourisher, the Flawless Beauty Primer and the Endless Silky Eye Pen liner. It was my first time trying out these and I’ve put together my review of each in this post. Check out the products below in the photos and check out my video reel below that I created, too..

Product, Packaging & Texture;
Pixi By Petra Nuance Quartette Honey Nectar 12g; this beautiful palette features a blush ‘Nectar’, a bronzer ‘Syrup’, and two highlighters/eyeshadows in ‘Honey’ and ‘Ambrosia’. It’s infused with camellia leaf extract, vitamin E, ceramides, and is cruelty-free. You get a lovely mix of matte and luminous finishes that can be worn alone or layered for a customisable lit-from-within look. If you want to get a great glow or glam it up, this is the perfect palette for it. It comes in a quad comparted palette encased in the smooth and sleek plastic green, the iconic Pixi Beauty packaging colour.

Pixi By Petra Flawless Beauty Primer 30ml; this primer is formulated with vitamin A, E and C. With anti-aging and skin fortifying ingredients, it moisturises and smooths skin whilst on! It gives a beautiful glow to the skin and you only need a coin size amount for your application. It comes in a squeeze tube of 30ml quantity held in net weight, it has a bronze brown colour to the packaging and has gold foiled font.

Pixi By Petra Large Lash Mascara 13ml; the large lash mascara is formulated with vitamin E to nourish, Panthenol to strengthen lashes, bamboo extract to fortify and help retain moisture. It is easy to apply, just wiggling the wand across the lashes from root-to-tip and watch it instantly build thicker volume. Black on top and brown on bottom gives a lovely natural look, too. It is water-resistant, smudge-proof, does not clump and Ophthalmologically approved. It comes in a green smooth plastic tube and holds 13ml of product.

Pixi By Petra EyeLift Max Eyeshadows in ‘Chiffon’ & ‘Sunset’ 3.4g; the eyeshadows are formulated with mango seed extract to soothe and hydrate, avocado oil to replenish moisture, and rosehip oil to smooth & protect the skin. They’re one-sweep pigmented and coverage wise, they’re easy to blend for a soft focus look, they don’t crease and have a no-budge formula. The finish of them is shimmery with lovely a gorgeous luminous effect. They can be applied with the applicator wand or with a brush tip, or the tip of your finger, whichever suits your desired look best. Take a look at the swatches further down below.

Pixi By Petra Rose Lip Nourisher 2.8g; the rose lip nourisher provides a lovely smooth hint of colour and shine. Infused with rose and rosehip oil, jojoba seed oil, and vitamin E to soothe & protect. The lip nourisher softly tints the lips with a ‘your lip, but better’ colouring and the skin-loving ingredients gives the lips an intense hydration upon wear, with a lovely luminous glowing finish. It is cruelty free and comes in a smooth plastic tube of the iconic green Pixi Beauty packaging.

Pixi By Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen 1.2g; the silky eye pen glides so effortlessly across your skin, making for a very easy applied look. The pigment is truly ‘Black Noir’ in 100% opaque tone, there’s no mess, either. A no-budge liner, that is water-resistant, smudge-proof and has a no-transfer formula. It is infused with vitamin E to hydrate and improve skin elasticity. Mica also provides a natural luminosity. Like with any other liner, you begin applying it starting at the lash line and go as thick or thin as you desire. You do need to be quick as it does dry down fast to be smudge-proof. It is paraben-free, cruelty-free and is known to be gentle in the eye area, so it would suit those with sensitive eyes or sensitive skin. It comes in a black crayon style that can be sharpened like a pencil and has the iconic Pixi Beauty green at the end and has 1.2g of net weight product.

Worldwide Prices & Availability
Pixi By Petra Nuance Quartette Honey Nectar 12g;
Australia: $30 AUD
Available: online and in-store at Pixi Beauty and in-store at Sephora.

USA: $16 USD
Available: online at Pixi Beauty, and online & in-store at Target.

UK: £16 GBP
Available: online at Pixi Beauty UK, online and in-store at Mark and Spencer and Look Fantastic.

Pixi By Petra Flawless Beauty Primer 30ml;
Australia: $30 – $49 AUD
Available: online and in-store at Pixi Beauty, online at Adore Beauty and online at Revolve.

USA: $22 USD
Available: online at Pixi Beauty and online & in-store at Walgreens.

UK: £24 GBP
Available: online at Pixi Beauty UK, online and in-store at Mark and Spencer, Sephora UK and Cult Beauty.

Pixi By Petra EyeLift Max Eyeshadow 3.4g;
Australia: $20 AUD
Available: online at Pixi Beauty.

USA: $14 USD
Available: online at Pixi Beauty, online & in-store at Target, and online & in-store at JC Penney.

UK: £12 GBP
Available: online at Pixi Beauty UK, online and in-store at Mark and Spencer, Cult Beauty and Birchbox.

Pixi By Petra Rose+ Lip Nourisher 2.8g;
Australia: $17 AUD
Available: online at Pixi Beauty.

USA: $10 USD
Available: online at Pixi Beauty.

UK: £10 GBP
Available: online at Sephora UK, Cult Beauty, and online & in-store at Next UK.

Pixi By Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen 1.2g;
Australia: $22 AUD
Available: online at Pixi Beauty and Oz Hair & Beauty.

USA: $12 USD
Available: online at Pixi Beauty, online & in-store at Target, Ulta Beauty, Look Fantastic and JC Penney.

UK: £12 GBP
Available: online at Pixi Beauty, online & in-store at Mark and Spencer, Cult Beauty, Sephora UK and Next UK.

Pixi By Petra Large Lash Mascara 13ml;
Australia: $25 AUD
Available: online at Pixi Beauty and ASOS.

USA: $16 USD
Available: online at Pixi Beauty, online & in-store at Target, Ulta Beauty and JC Penney.

UK: £14 GBP
Available: online at Pixi Beauty, online & in-store at Mark and Spencer, online at Look Fantastic, online at Cult Beauty and Next UK.

My Thoughts & Impressions
– Pixi Beauty Makeup Range Focus & Review; firstly, I love that this entire makeup range is cruelty-free, affordable and gentle on all skin-types. I love the variety of categories this range has and how well each product performs. I really love the eyelet max eyeshadow in the shade ‘Chiffon’, it’s such a gorgeous colour and it has a lovely finish. It only requires one layer to create a beautiful eye look too. The rose lip nourisher is a lovely hydrating lip balm to treat the lips all whilst wearing a lovely natural tint lip colour, it sort of combines with your natural lip colour, so cool! The silky eye pen is very smooth and glides on my skin so easily, it’s very pigmented and can be easily sharpened, I quite like it. I am also enjoying the quartette nuance honey nectar palette, I think it’s the most gorgeous colours for my own skin tone and its perfect for creating cute subtle or glam look. The primer gives a luminous glow to the skin however I don’t tend to personally wear primer under my foundation anymore so I’ll keep it for special occasions or looks. The mascara is very gentle on the eyes, skin, and gave a lot of volume with a couple of layers. I also really enjoyed how long it lasts on the lashes, I wear it for 5+ hours with no issues. A huge thing I love about the whole range is how well performing they’re, how affordable they’re and the fact that they’re cruelty free. I’m enjoying using this range and can easily say that along with the skincare products Pixi Beauty have on offer, that the brand is in my Top 5 favourite brands, overall. This concludes my review and I hope each and everyone of you manage to check out Pixi Beauty at some stage and also see how amazing it is.

Disclaimer; the products featured in this blog post was kindly sent to me for consideration of a review. This post is not paid for and is not an ad-post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest, and are my own. All of the photos in this post were taken by myself and are copyrighted to me, they require permission from myself for any reuse or republishing.

Ace The Base: October 2018 – Rimmel, Benefit and MAC Cosmetics

Ace The Base: October 2018 – Rimmel, Benefit and MAC Cosmetics

Welcome to another new series on my blog, this new project of mine is called Ace The Base, in this series I will choose and focus on four products each month from the ‘base makeup’ category; primer, foundation, concealer and setting spray/powder. This will give me an opportunity to feature and review four of the top base makeup products for each current month, during this post for the month of October 2018, I’m going to focus on the following brands: Rimmel London, Benefit Cosmetics and MAC Cosmetics!

Ace The Base: October 2018; featuring MAC Cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics and Rimmel London.

We’re all looking for the perfect combination for our base when applying makeup, whether it be from an amazing primer applied under our foundation or a terrific setting spray that makes our makeup last all day long. We all have different skin tones, different pores, different skin conditions and some of us prefer matte over dewy, but at the end of the day our goal is the same, to have a great lasting makeup application throughout the day/night. In this post I will be shining the spotlight down on four key base products; talking about the product’s claims/inspiration behind their creation, the formulas, key points on how to use and a run down on my own experiences using them. Following after that will be a star rating on what I thought about each one, whether they lived up to the claim/hype and of course, pricing and availability info for each product in Australia, UK and the USA.

The Products & Their Formulas
Let’s start with the beginning of the makeup application process, and that is with the priming. Firstly, I cannot express enough how important skincare is… especially to exfoliate your face gently either the night before or a few hours before you are going to apply your makeup. It’s really the start to a great lasting makeup look. The smoother and moisturised the surface is, the better the application will be. I recommend following through with your daily/nightly skincare routine beforehand, it makes a world of difference.

– Benefit: The POREfessional Pearl Primer; designed to target dullness, brighten the skin, minimise pores, lock in makeup, provide a matte silky finish and a soft radiance. The packaging states its oil-free, matte, a soft pink colour in appearance and is silky. With 90% of women who tested it, saying their complexion looked bright after using it, 91% said it minimised the look of pores, and 96% said it created a soft matte radiance. The Pearl primer comes available in a full size 22.0ml 0.75 Fl Oz. and a mini size 7.5ml 0.25 Fl Oz., it is a soft light pink creamy consistency which you apply using your fingertips, spreading it out and smoothing it over your face. For extra brightness, you can create a second layer of it over your skin.

My Thoughts & Ratings; I picked this up in an online order from Sephora Australia, I got the mini version as a trial tester and figured that if I liked it enough then I could purchase the full size later down the track. I love the texture of this soft primer, it is so light weighted and feels like it literally melts into my skin when I apply it. It instantly blurs my pores and does provide a radiant glow to my face. It sits pretty well under my foundation, it remains smooth and I love the way it looks and feels under my make up. I sadly can’t actually compare this one to the original Benefit POREfessional primer because I simply have not tried the original one, haha yeah I know I must be the only person in the world who hasn’t, haha. All in all, I really like this primer and I love the formula a lot, I can see myself purchasing a back up full size next time, for sure! Rating: I give the primer 4/5 ★★★★☆

– Rimmel London: Lasting Finish 25HR Breathable SPF 20 Medium Coverage Foundation in ‘Light Porcelain‘; designed to provide a medium to full coverage, be long-wearing and blendable, feel light-weighted and remain kind to the skin with it’s light serum formula and breathable skin technology. It comes with a wand doe-foot applicator that has a fluffy 3D cushion tip. It comes in a 30ml 1 Fl Oz. glass bottle with silver lid and red font blazoned across the front. It is a creamy, light consistency liquid formula that can be applied starting with dots in targeted areas with the doe-foot wand, then blended out with your preferred brush or blending sponge.

My Thoughts & Rating; as soon as I opened the lid I loved the doe-foot wand applicator, it’s large, fluffy, so soft and it made plotting down my targeted dots for application a lot easier! I enjoyed the mild scent to the formula, it’s not overly powering like some foundations can be with SPF in them, this is a pleasant scent and gives me serious skincare vibes. While this foundation is a medium-to-full coverage, I found it to apply to an almost instant full coverage on my face and I was very impressed with how it sat on my skin afterwards, and how it blended out with my blending sponge. In terms of shade match; I am using ‘Light Porcelain’ and it has been a pretty perfect match for me! I usually struggle to find matching shades in drug-store foundations but with Rimmel London, I have always matched their ‘Light Porcelain’ offerings. Usually the drug-store foundations in the light shades are really often too pink, or even too orange still.. but this shade in all of Rimmel London’s foundation ranges has been a godsend for my skin! PS. thank you so much Rimmel London, you’re invited to my bbq’s anytime, because that shade in itself needs to be celebrated! Haha. Overall, I really LOVE this foundation, I actually believe it gives higher end brands a run for their money. Let me tell you why.. I slept in it. Yup. I did that. I slept in this foundation by accident, it’s a no no but I fell asleep wearing it.. it was late at night and I was exhausted so basically it didn’t come off until the morning after, but the real eye opener was.. it was still on my face as if I had only worn it for 1hr, honestly… I have never been so impressed by a drug-store foundation, ever! The 25hr claim is true. So, a big kudos to Rimmel London! This one is a HIT! Rating: I definitely give this amazing foundation a 5/5 ★★★★★

– MAC: Pro Longwear Concealer; designed to be a medium-to-full liquid concealer, lightweight, 15hr lasting that is transfer and water proof. To give a comfortable matte finish whilst leaving the skin looking flawless and smooth. Aimed at concealing dark spots, blemishes, dark under eye circles and any flaws. It is fragrance free, dermatologically tested, ophthalmologist tested, non acnegenic and for all skin types. It comes in a size of 9ml 0.30 Fl Oz., in a small glass tube with a pump action dispenser, black font on the front and a black plastic clip-on lid.

My Thoughts & Rating; I am instantly impressed with the packaging.. it comes in a perfectly sized tube with a easy to use pump action dispensary, I think it’s so easy to apply to the skin using a blending sponge. The formula is a thin liquid consistency, a very pigmented matte colour and it seems to blend out quite well. It dries and sets quite at a perfect rate, enabling you to get it everywhere you need before it fully sets. I really love the coverage it provides to my skin in an instant of being on there, it really covers up my under eye area well and it has longevity. It never creases on me, it always feels moisturising on my skin and I can rely on it to work with just about any foundation that I use. I’m quite impressed by this concealer. Rating: I give it 4/5 ★★★★☆

– MAC: Prep + Prime Fix Setting Spray; designed to be sprayed on before your makeup application to prepare your skin for the makeup application, or afterwards to help set everything in place. It’s hydrating, refreshing, smells pleasant with a very slight fragrance to it (the original), it’s best used after being shaken up and then sprayed directly over the face making sure to close your eyes beforehand. It can also soothe tired skin, extend makeup length of wear, it is available in three different scents as well; rose, lavender and coconut. It comes in a tall round frosted plastic clear bottle, with a black lid with clip open/shut and pressure pad on the top of the lid to spray it out. The mist is a fine mist and is filled with minerals and vitamins. It’s enriching to skim and is able to be used without makeup at all to simply refreshen skin. Dermatologist tested. It comes available in sizes 100ml or 30ml trial/mini sizes.

My Thoughts & Rating; I enjoy this spray a lot! Not only do I use it over my face before foundation application but I also use it after to help set my makeup. I love how refreshing it feels upon each use, I love how it soothes my skin and hydrates it well. I have normal to dry skin, so during Winter or Autumn when it’s cooler, it’s perfect to rehydrate the skin. I sometimes use it even when I’m not going to be wearing any makeup, just to refresh and rehydrate my skin. I love the slight fragrance it has, and I even picked up the rose version as well, I love rose! I think it’s quite affective with setting makeup and prolonging the wear of it, it seems to hold everything in place really well. Rating: I give it 5/5 ★★★★★

Ace The Base: October 2018; featuring MAC Cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics and Rimmel London.

Where To Buy & Worldwide Pricing
– the Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Pearl Primer is available: 22ml for $55 AUD | 7.5ml for $23 AUD at Sephora Australia, at Myer, at Adore Beauty, at Princess Polly and at Benefit Cosmetics Australia.

– the Rimmel London Breathable 24HR Foundation is available: 30ml for $22.95 AUD at Priceline.

– the Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Pearl Primer is available: 22ml for $32 USD | 7.5ml for $13 USD at Sephora USA, at Ulta Beauty, at Benefit Cosmetics USA, and at Macys.

– the Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Pearl Primer

Would I Repurchase These Products?
It’s a definite YES to all of them. Here’s why: with the MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix Setting Spray; I loved how much contents you get for the price firstly, its 100ml of product that is a fine mist so it lasts a fairly long time. It’s extremely effective and does what its supposed to.

Fenty Beauty Collection by Rihanna – Products Intro, Swatches & Review

Fenty Beauty Collection by Rihanna – Products Intro, Swatches & Review

On Friday the 8th of September 2017, the WHOLE world got to finally see Rihanna’s much talked about makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Released exclusively at Sephora worldwide and at Harvey Nichols in the UK (and ALL at the same time! How’s that for fairness?!). Shelves inside every Sephora flagship store and Harvey Nichols shop were stocked up with the new coveted collection and everywhere you looked inside those stores, was shuffling beauty lovers browsing through all of the new products! One fact in particular about this new collection (which was on everybody’s minds), was the incredible 40 shade selection of the liquid foundation! Say what now? Yep! Riri has ultimately thought of EVERYBODY with this collection, having brought out the extensive 40 unique shades in the medium-to-full coverage offering. You know I HAD to pick up a couple of items to trial out, check out my first haul below..

Fenty Beauty: A flatlay of my first haul from the Fenty Beauty Collection.

Rihanna explained it quite simply at the launch… she wanted to create something for the palest person and the darkest person. Keeping in mind that not everybody has yellow or pink undertones, some people have red undertones, etc. Siri also explained that she hoped to be so inclusive that nobody had to say the usual dreaded words ‘Oh, thats a nice colour but it’ll only look nice on such and such, not really me.’ Basically Rihanna has thought of everything, and everyone. I really admire that an artist (mostly musical/singing/acting) can come out with a makeup brand all on her own, and do it SO WELL that it honestly puts some other competing high-end brands much lower in variety and convenience. Because in reality; WE’RE all different colours, tones, undertones, and every one of us would love to look OUR best self! So the variety Rihanna has accommodated for is truly outstanding and a real testament to herself, her dedication and her character. I am so impressed with this collection and how it has been launched, here’s why: everybody around the world got to purchase and try the products at the same time, meaning no country was ahead or behind. I like that a lot because why not? Why shouldn’t everybody get to witness the products and experience it at the same time? I feel that way it’s completely more fun, and also fair for everybody to not have to wait months for a release just because they’re in a certain other country. That is the first thing I really loved and was very impressed by. The second thing I really loved was that Rihanna actually physically went to the Fenty Beauty launch in New York as it happened, and celebrated with everybody. Riri also talked to the media and explained her goals and ideas for the collection, making it very clear that she had thought of everyone. Browse my unboxed haul below…

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In my order was: the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer – a pore smoothing and diffusing primer that sets a base for longwear foundation application and also states to decrease shine, the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in shades ‘100’ & ‘120’ – a quick drying, matte liquid foundation that provides a medium-to-full coverage and longwear, the Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in ‘Starstruck’ – a light, creamy shimmer formula in a magnetised stick for creating a perfectly lit highlight or blush the cheeks, the Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110, the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in ‘Metal Moon’ (also available in ‘Trophy Wife’), and the Match Stix Matte Skinstick in ‘Porcelain. I’ll go through the swatches and product reviews shortly from the products I purchased and have tried. For now I’ll talk about my favourite product and why it is my fave, and I’m talking about the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer! It is fantastic! Not only does it feel extremely light-weighted, but it also absorbs extremely well into the skin. Without an oily feeling too, it also smooths the surface on the skin and smells amazing! In fact, the scent smells like an old fave perfume of mine called ‘Amour’, by Kenzo. A really lovely vanilla-esque, musk scent that gives me reminiscent thoughts of the years I wore the fragrance. Now let’s talk about the products at hand.


L - R: Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer, Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in '100', Match Stix Matte Skinstick in 'Porcelain' & Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in 'Starstruck'.

L – R: Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer, Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in ‘100’, Match Stix Matte Skinstick in ‘Porcelain’ & Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in ‘Starstruck’.

The Products & Formulas
Let’s start with my favourite product, the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer, it is a true stand-out. This primer formula isn’t your average thick film texture, it is not anything silicone-like at all, it’s actually very thin, light-weighted and creamy instead. It absorbs into the skin like chocolate would melt on your fingers on a warm day. But thats not all, it provides an incredible lit-from-within glow from the skin! It blurs, mattifies and perfects the base of the skin. It does an amazing job of getting the skin ready for the foundation application, I was extremely impressed with the primer and better yet, it smells delicious! Onto the foundation; the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is a very comfortable liquid matte foundation that feels light on the skin, smoothing to touch and easily blends out. One thing to mention is that it dries quite quickly, so you have to be very fast at blending it out. It also does dry-down to a slightly darker colour after applying, not necessarily oxidising but definitely dries to a touch darker tone so I advise anyone to pick the shade the next tone down that would otherwise be too light for them, or select your matched shade but also the one lighter incase. The Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter is so finely milled, such a smooth textured creamy powder that melts into your skin and is so shiny! I have loved this! The Match Stix Matte Skinstick is a creamy textured formula, coming in a solid stick and interestingly enough it is very blend-able and covers pretty well.

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer – $32 USD | $46 AUD | £24 GBP
Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation – $34 USD | $50 AUD | £26 GBP
Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter – $34 USD | $50 AUD | £26 GBP
Match Stix Matte Skinstick – $25 USD | $37 AUD | £21 GBP
Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick – $25 USD | $37 AUD | £21 GBP
Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110 – $34 USD | $47 AUD | £26 GBP

Where To Buy
Exclusively available at Sephora, and at Harvey Nichols in the UK. For Australia; the collection can be found at Sephora Australia and of course for my American readers, you can find the Fenty Beauty collection at Sephora US. For my British readers from the UK, the collection can be found directly at Harvey Nichols. The previous links will take you all straight to the collection.

Everything from the collection is permanent and is available at all Sephora stores worldwide and at Harvey Nichols stores in the UK. If by chance one item or certain items sell out, do not fear as the products will be consistently restocked. Nobody should ever have to miss out! If you follow those links provided above under ‘Where To Buy’, they will take you straight directly to the Fenty Beauty collection.

Other Products Available
So far I’ve only talked about the products that I had bought & trialled myself, but there is still a lot of other items available in the collection that I haven’t yet tested. Going onto other items worth a mention, there is the Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush 120 which is a specially designed brush to hug the curve of our cheeks, brow bones, cupid’s bow, the bridge of our noses and even our collarbones to create the most precise killa glow! Then there is the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer which is a shea-butter infused formula to provide high explosive shine whilst giving the look of fuller, smoother lips. It comes in a universal rose-nude shade that Rihanna hand-picked, its meant to compliment everybody and has a delicious vanilla-peach scent. Next is the Precision Makeup Sponge 100 – a 3-sided latex-free sponge, the slanted edge to allow controlled stippling, the mini-moon edge for perfected coverage & flawless blending, and the rounded edge for all-over buffing. The Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo that features two shimmers, one subtle (for everyday wear) and one supercharged (for a night-time high-shine glow), this can be used anywhere you desire to be LIT. The last products worth mentioning is the Invisimatte Blotting Paper – a portable blotting paper roll used for quick touch-ups and is refillable, the case it comes in also has a mirror. The very last products to mention is the Portable Contour & Concealer Brush, the Portable Highlighter Brush and the Portable Touch-Up Brush, all three portable brushes come in a very compact plastic, retractable and magnetised honeycomb-shaped handle. They’re the perfect size for on-the-go, in-your-handbag type scenarios. I feel like the magnetic ability will stop anyone from losing their brushes in the bottom of their handbag or makeup bag.

Fenty Beauty: Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer and Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in '100'

110% YES! It is seriously that great! The whole collection is amazing but my most favourite product is definitely the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer! Hands down, its one of the best formulated primers that I’ve ever tried. I’m a huge fan of the Primer The Original by my beloved Australis Cosmetics but I can easily add the Fenty Beauty primer to my go-to list as well. Onto the other products, in terms of repurchasing, I would reorder the highlighters, the brush and the concealer. And whilst I like the foundation as it is light-weight, smoothing, and has a nice build able coverage, I think once it dries down the slightly darker oxidised tone is a bit of a let down. Overall, the foundation is good, but does oxidise a tad. This is just my own taste, I prefer Urban Decay’s All Nighter or MAC’s Studio Fix, or of course Estee Lauder’s Double Wear. But the rest of the products, I would definitely repurchase!

Have you tried any products from the Fenty Beauty line? What did you like?