Colourpop Cosmetics Heart Pressed Powder Blush – September 2022

Introducing the Colourpop Heart Pressed Powder Blush featuring the two shades I picked up from their range! I ordered these a few months ago during a restock, they always sell out because they’re very popular, however lately they seem to be more permanently available which is nice. I am always a sucker for cute packaging so these love heart compacts always appealed to me, ever since they first released them in their valentines day collection! I initially wanted to order them back when they first ever dropped but they sold out so fast, including any restocks, they were always limited. So when they decided to bring them back permanently, I knew it was the time to finally get my order in. I chose the two shades; ‘Flirt Alert‘ and ‘Kiss N’ Tell‘, with the Flirt Alert shade being a dusty mauve-pink and Kiss n’ Tell is a mid-tone warm peach-pink. I’ve been using them over the last few months and have gathered my thoughts for this review, so lets dive right into it. First of, by taking a closer look at them below..

Products & Textures
– Colourpop Cosmetics Heart Pressed Powder Blush in ‘Flirt Alert’ & ‘Kiss ‘N Tell’ 4.45g; these blushes are very finely milled and easily build-able. With a perfect tone for soft, subtle, natural or full glam looks, its easy to use to achieve a desired result. The powder is a silky formula that adheres to the skin and lasts all day with little-to-no touch ups needed. It is the cutest compact shaped in a love heart with frosted softened plastic casing and a built-in mirror under the lid. The compact clips shut tightly and is quite sturdy, terrific for taking on-the-go in your handbag, or on trips with your makeup bag. They’re a great way to liven up your overall complexion and they come available in six different shades to suit different skin tones, they weigh 4.45g in net weight. Each shade has a different casing colour to suit the tone inside.

Worldwide Prices & Availability
Colourpop Cosmetics Heart Pressed Powder Blush in ‘Flirt Alert’ & ‘Kiss ‘N Tell’ 4.45g;
Australia: $19 AUD
Available: online at Colourpop Cosmetics.

USA: $12 USD
Available: online at Colourpop Cosmetics.

UK: £10.60 GBP
Available: online at Colourpop Cosmetics.

New Zealand: $21.12 NZD
Available: online at Colourpop Cosmetics.

Canada: $16.72 CAD
Available: online at Colourpop Cosmetics.

My Thoughts & Impressions
– Colourpop Cosmetics Heart Pressed Powder Blush in ‘Flirt Alert’ & ‘Kiss ‘N Tell’ 4.45g; firstly, I love the packaging of this range of blushes. The heart shaped compact, frosted soft plastic, coloured themes, the built-in mirrors, the way they snap lock shut, I just love them! Secondly, I enjoy the various colours in the range of shades, I feel like they’re all different to each other and there really is something for each person. I like that they’re a pretty big decent size at 4.45g and that they’re good quality, easily built-up and very silky powder, pressed quite well. They’re very affordable too, the price point is very decent and reasonable, plus the extra good news is that Colourpop ships internationally to just about everywhere. They have a huge range of super shock blushes too and cream stick ones. I love being able to take it on trips with me and it easily slips into my makeup bag. Repurchase? I would repurchase my fave colour in this range, I like a lot of the others but there is one or two that are my faves and that is ‘Flirt Alert’, I think I would pick that one up again for sure. That wraps up my thoughts on this range of heart pressed powder blushes from Colourpop.

Disclaimer: the product featured in this post was purchased by myself with my own money. This post is not sponsored, not paid for and not an ad-post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. All photos in this post were taken by myself and are copyrighted, they require permission from myself for any reuse or republishing.