Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Multi Glow Highlighter – July 2022

Introducing the new coveted Limited Edition highlighter from one of my faves, Charlotte Tilbury. This newbie has been out for just a few months and so many vendors have sold out so fast! It is a multi-glow highlighter that combines the effect of a liquid highlighter and a powerful powder in one, I have picked it up in the shade Romance Light and it’s been the most popular shade out of the two that were released. To find out why and see a lot more about this gem, including how I incorporate it into my rotation, just keep on reading below..

Products, Textures & Formulas
– Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Multi Glow Highlighter 7g; the highlighter comes in a round plastic compact with built-in mirror and 7g in net weight, the packaging is a gorgeous light pink mother of pearl specked cover and gold outer casing, the front cover on the lid has the iconic Charlotte Tilbury CT with the T inside the C, as you can see in the above photos. The formula is a combination of finely milled pearls that are light reflecting, smoothing polymers for a soft-focus finish, silky mica for a soft-glide application and rich emollient oil to widen the spread in applying and softening the finish. The texture is like a combo of a smooth liquid highlighter and a powerful powder in one. The highlighter product inside is embossed in such a stunning pin-quilted pattern that starts of light and goes toward the pink pearl finish, it is like an ombre effect going across the pan. The swatch is a gorgeous light pink pearlescent effortlessly swiped with subtle pink sparkles throughout.

Worldwide Prices & Availability
Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Multi-Glow Highlighter 7g;
Australia: $61 AUD
Available: online & in-store at Harrods and possibly in-store at Mecca (‘Dream Light’ is still available online) and ‘Dream Light’ is also still available online at Charlotte Tilbury.

USA: $45 USD
Available: online at Charlotte Tilbury and Harrods (they ship internationally).

UK: £35 GBP
Available: online & in-store at Harrods, and ‘Dream Light’ is still available online at Selfridges and Cult Beauty.

My Thoughts & Impressions
– Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Multi Glow Highlighter 7g; I knew I wanted this highlighter as soon as I saw it previewed on trendmood, it looked so uber stunning! I adore the pin-quilted pattern on the top and the ombre effect of the colours as they go across the pan. I have always been a fan of Charlotte Tilbury since I first tried them about two years ago now. I just love her releases and this is another one for the books. It was released in a limited edition campaign, so I knew I had to be quick! It has since sold out in most vendors, however, Harrods ships worldwide and it is still available online at their website (as seen linked above under ‘worldwide prices & availability). The highlighter is so stunning and I think it would go well on many different skin-tones. I also felt like the net weight size is really generous too, it has a good depth in the pan and 7 grams of weight. I also couldn’t go past the packaging on the top of the compact, not only does it have a built-in mirror but it also has a pink mother of pearl flecks throughout the top face of the lid. The highlighter lasts so long on the skin as well, I have so far worn it for 6hrs max at a time and I never have to touch up. So it begs the question, would I repurchase?, yes! I most definitely would, however being realistic, it’s limited edition… so that may be hard, I think I may even get a back up now while it’s still available.

Disclaimer; the product featured in this post was personally purchased by myself, and this post is a non-paid for, non-sponsored post. And as always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. All photos in this post were taken by myself and are copyrighted, they require permission from myself for any reuse or republishing

Jo Malone London: Peony & Blush Suede – August 2020

Jo Malone London: Peony & Blush Suede – August 2020

Introducing one of my favourite fragrance scents from the popular Jo Malone London. This is the first fragrance that I ever tried from JML and I am hooked! It is such a stunning mixture of notes and it’s clear to see why it is one of the top sold scents from the range. If you haven’t already tested out this one and you get a chance to, I highly recommend it. In this blog post, I wished to talk about the finer details of this beauty, including the note range, inspiration behind it, all the way down to the packaging.

Let’s begin talking about the notes, starting with the top down to the base. There is a lovely floral section that is so soft and pretty, the select flowers are perfect together. There are so many things I love about this fragrance, and yes, I am already planning on a back up. My current bottle (one seen in this blog post) is now only half full, it is my go-to and I wear it everywhere.

Top; crisp red apple
Middle; jasmine, peonies in fresh bloom, carnation, gillyflower and rose
Base; luxurious blush suede

It’s that type of fragrance that has to be smelt in person to truly understand how delightful the mix of these notes are. The blend is stunning and spectacular! There is a reason this fragrance has 215 reviews for 5 stars, it is such a gorgeous one that will be forever loved I feel. Let’s start talking about the other finer details.

Product & Packaging
– Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede 50ml; the fragrance is housed in a clear, smooth glass 50ml bottle with a beige cream bordered labelling on the front. The font is black text clearly written with the title at the in the centre. The lid is a shiny silver round knob with an embossed edge design, it is absolutely stunning and the simplicity of this design is perfect. It is a spray spritz cologne, so the silver top has a nozzle it easily can be pressed and sprayed out of. I love the secure lid that clicks as it goes on and it’s quite perfect to take traveling with as well. I find the 50ml is a great size as it’s not too heavy or bulky, as the 100ml can be sometimes, depending on your situation. The product is made in England and ‘Jo Malone London’ the brand also originates from the UK, as you can tell in the title ‘London’.

Worldwide Prices & Availability
Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede 50ml;
Australia: $106 AUD – 30ml, $145 AUD – 50ml and $212 AUD – 100ml
Available: online and in-store at Jo Malone Australia, Myer, Mecca and David Jones.

USA: $74 USD – 30ml, $144 USD – 100ml
Available: online & in-store at Jo Malone USA, Sephora USA and Nordstrom.

UK: £50 GBP – 30ml, £70 GBP – 50ml, £100 GBP – 100ml
Available: online and in-store at Jo Malone London UK, Selfridges, Look Fantastic, John Lewis and Harrods.

My Thoughts & Review
I am in love with this fragrance and I will forever buy it. It is stunning, absolute perfection, I’m the kind that enjoys floral scents as long as it’s subdued and not too strong and this is that. It blends out so perfectly but has a lovely musk after scent that lasts all day/night long. It is such a beautiful concoction of notes and it’s easily been one of Jo Malone London‘s top selling fragrances over the past few years. I am SO glad I discovered it and it’s the first scent from them I had ever tried, as I mentioned above earlier. Now there is three Jo Malone fragrances in my collection and I’ll update you in an upcoming post which other scents I have since added to my dresser. Would I repurchase? – without any doubt! I have already started planning to get a backup for when my current one runs out. It is THAT good and it’s fast become my top favourite fragrance out of all fragrances and it’s my go-to, I wear it everywhere. I hope you have found this blog review insightful and if you were ever curious about this one, I highly recommend checking it out, you might be able to get a sample from one of the David Jones or Myer counters, or even at Mecca too.

Disclaimer; all products mentioned and featured in this blog post were purchased with my own money, and all thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.