Sampling The Scents: April 2018 – YSL, Aerin, Burberry, MAC, Acqua di Parma & Lancôme

It’s that time again! Where I dedicate this post to focusing on a total of six different perfume fragrances and give my review on them and a star rating. As you’ll know from my previous post on this series, this is a relatively new project (this post being the second edition) to my blog which shines the spotlight down on what current perfumes I have been testing out and enjoying. So.. welcome to the second instalment of ‘Sampling The Scents‘, for April 2018. To start it all off, let me introduce you to this month’s samplings..

Sampling The Scents: April 2018; featuring YSL, Aerin, Burberry, MAC, Acqua di Parma & Lancôme.

As you can see above, my April 2018 ‘Sampling The Scents’ series features; YSL, Aerin, Burberry, MAC, Acqua di Parma and last but not least, Lancôme. These particular samples are from shopping hauls and orders that I’ve made, don’t you just love the fact you get samples with almost every order?! I love it! Let’s get ready to go through them all..

The Fragrances and Their Notes

YSL Mon Paris; starting off with top notes of strawberry, pear, raspberry, orange and bergamot, with middle notes of jasmine, orange blossom and peony, while ending with base notes of patchouli, white musk, vanilla, cedar and moss. Released globally in June 2016, developed by perfumer’s Olivier Cresp, Harry Fremont and Dora Baghriche-Arnaud. The campaign for Mon Paris was shot throughout Paris at various locations including the Eiffel Tower. It starred French actor Jeremie Laheurte and Canadian model Crista Cober. This gorgeous perfume comes available in a clear bottle with liquid of a pink hue, blazoned with a sophisticated black ribbon tied around the neck, it comes available in the sizes of 30ml, 50ml and 90ml.

Aerin Amber Musk; top notes of musk, rose, coconut, amber & benzoin, middle notes of lily of the valley & ambroxan, with base notes of sandalwood. Amber Musk launched onto the market in November 2013 under Aerin Lauder’s house (granddaughter to Estée Lauder), Aerin had an inspiration to create a scent for each mood and time of the year. So this particular fragrance was designed to be worn in Winter and warm those who wear it up with aroma’s of ambrox, noted by the light brown colouring lid. The bottle is a design based around ‘Kenlyn’, and pays homage to the floral print decor in her grandmother’s house and features two birds nestling in exotic flowers and foliage. Amber Musk comes available in a 50ml size.

Burberry My Burberry Blush; top notes of pomegranate and lemon, top notes of rose petals, geranium & green apple, with base notes of rose, wisteria and jasmine. Launching onto the market on 24th July, 2017, My Burberry Blush has been inspired by floral hues and designed for the woman. Powerfully feminine, the scent is thought of to be stepping back into a London garden filled with wisteria, rose petals and freshened with crisp apple. The campaign was shot by Mario Testino and starred actress Lily James as the face of the fragrance, the bottle is a light pink hue with a light brown lid in the shape of a Burberry trench coat button, and features a gorgeous hand-tied gabardine knotted ribbon around the neck in blush pink. It comes available in a 30ml, 50ml and 90ml bottle, as well as a 7.5ml rollerball travel size.

MAC Ruby Woo Shadescent; top notes of cherry, pink pepper, saffron & leather, with middle notes of orris, may rose, violet, suede, and rounding out with base notes of mahogany, wood, and sandalwood. Ruby Woo, along with several other fragrances that were launched under MAC in November 2016, were all inspired by MAC’s top selling lipstick shades! Known as the ‘shadescents’, Velvet Teddy, Creme De Nude, Lady Danger, Candy Yum-Yum, and My Heroine were all designed to reflect the vibes and style of their name-related lipstick shades. Ruby Woo is a red hue, woody-floral scent that accords red leather. The packaging is a rectangle bottle, labelled with deep red print and reads ‘MAC Ruby Woo’ in simple black font on the front. This MAC lipstick inspired scent comes available in a 30ml bottle and a 2ml sample size.

Acqua di Parma Peonia Nobile; top notes of peony, turkish rose, black pepper, geranium & raspberry, with middle notes of freesia & amber, and rounding it off with base notes of musk and patchouli. Created as a refined interpretation of the peony flower and with hints of black pepper thrown in to ensure vibrance, the Peonia Nobile fragrance was designed with a celebration of asserted femininity. It launched in July 2016, spilling elegance out everywhere, under the Italian house. Hand-crafted, like all the rest. This bottle is vibrant, with a mid-pink hue and emblazoned with gold labelling spelling out the name in black and corresponding pink font. There is also a body cream and mist spray now available in this scent. The fragrance is available in a 50ml, 100ml bottle size and a 1.2ml sample size.

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle; top notes of pear & black currant, with middle notes of jasmine, iris and orange blossom, rounded off with base notes of vanilla, praline, patchouli & tonka bean. The french inspired fragrance for women to live their own way and on their own standards, and like it’s title ‘Life is beautiful’, it’s made with the strong woman in mind. Launched in June 2012 onto the market, the gorgeous packaging is a resplendent bottle known as the ‘Crystal Smile’, evoking the imprint of a smile at the heart of the crystal square and a remodelling of the classic original 1949 Lancôme bottle. It features a pearlescent grey silk ribbon tied around the bottle’s neck to signify the two wings of freedom. Known for it’s depth and complexity, a modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance with a twist of iris gourmand. It was developed by Olivier Polge, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. The campaign for this launch featured actress Julia Roberts as the face of the fragrance and the shoot directed by Tarsem Singh. Available in a bottle size of 30ml, 50ml, 75ml, 100ml and a cute 1.2ml sample size. There is also a 10ml glass atomiser travel size available at selected retailers.

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My Thoughts & Ratings
After a couple of months wearing these each on different occasions and repeated sniffing (haha), I have put together my exact thoughts on all of the sampled fragrances featured in this post. I must say I have quite enjoyed this round up of chosen fragrances. Let’s go over each one in a brief depth:

YSL Mon Paris; when I think of a pretty perfume, this one comes to my mind. Sweet but not over done, in fact it opens very softly and I recognise the white musk straight away. I also notice a bit of a leather-esque scent to it too but I think thats where the patchouli comes in, that isn’t my favourite aspect, to be honest. But it’s so feminine and oozes elegance.. I still like this fragrance a lot & for any occasion, it’s such a divine scent. Rating: I’m going to give this one 4/5 ★★★★☆.

Aerin Amber Musk; ahh another musk, means another favourite of mine. I’m a huge musk fan, as you can tell! I first smelt this scent when I received the sample in a Sephora order and I instantly fell in love. I notice the coconut straight away over the top of the musk, it’s almost similar to Mon Paris from YSL but the coconut and lily blend it toward a different direction. I find I can wear this one wherever, anytime. I simply love it! I ended up buying it in a set from Aerin recently. It’s definitely a favourite of mine! Rating: I 110% give this one a 5/5 ★★★★★.

Burberry My Burberry Blush; it opens sharp, I notice the crisp green apple straight away but it mellows out with the jasmine and pomegranate catching up. It’s a fierce and strong scent yet delectable. I enjoy this one but perhaps find it a little tad too strong for my soft-hue loving self. Nice for a random afternoon but not something I would wear on my favourite night out, does that make sense? It’s a casually worn one for me. Rating: I give it 3/5 ★★★☆☆.

MAC Ruby Woo Shadescent; this one is unique, it’s a quite strong red leathery scent with a noticeable appearance of raspberry, which mind you, SAVES it.. because I personally do not like leather but I can see and understand the direction MAC were going with this one, within being related to the strong fierce lipstick. This one is just not for me. Rating: I’ll give this one 2/5 ★★☆☆☆.

Acqua di Parma Peonia Nobile; I instantly notice the black pepper and peony underneath, and the hues of raspberry come in next, I love this one once it mellows down. At first it can seem quite strong but it softens nicely. It’s a unique scent, or maybe just not what I’ve smelt before. I do enjoy this one, it oozes a touch of elegance to me. Rating: I’ll give it 4/5 ★★★★☆.

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle; upon first smell of this one I smiled and closed my eyes, thats is when I think you know you love what you’re experiencing. Soft from the outset, this feminine scent is perfection to me. I instantly notice the vanilla and orange blossom, then the tonka bean, it’s blended so nicely too. I see myself wearing this one often and for any occasion, as many as I can in-fact, this is the type I would put in my go-to carousel of fragrances. I simply love this, it’s beautiful!! Rating: I give it a 5/5 ★★★★★.

Sampling The Scents: April 2018; featuring YSL, Aerin, Burberry, MAC, Acqua di Parma & Lancôme.

Where To Buy & Availability
Liked the sounds of one of the fragrances you saw on this post? Want to purchase it? I’ve got you covered! Please find below all the info you need on availability, pricing, locations, etc.

YSL Mon Paris – the 50ml for $99.99 AUD at Chemist Warehouse, the 90ml for $139 AUD at Priceline, the 30ml for $99 AUD, 50ml for $165 AUD & 90ml for $218 AUD at Myer, the 30ml, 50ml & 90ml from $99 – $218 AUD at David Jones.

Aerin Amber Musk – the 50ml for $175 AUD or the 8ml Roller-Ball for $45 AUD at David Jones, or the 50ml for $175 AUD at Estee Lauder Australia.

Burberry My Burberry Blush – the 50ml for $59.99 AUD at Chemist Warehouse, the 90ml for $220 AUD at David Jones or 50ml for $110 AUD at Myer.

MAC Ruby Woo – the 50ml is $89 AUD at MAC Cosmetics Australia.

Acqua di Parma Peonia Nobile – the 50ml is $160 AUD at David Jones.

La Vie Est Belle Lancôme – the 50ml is $160 AUD at Adore Beauty, the 30ml, 50ml & 100ml range from $105 – $205 AUD at Lancôme, the 30ml and 50ml is $105 – $147 AUD at David Jones or the 30ml, 50ml, 75ml & 100ml are ranging from $105 – $205 AUD at Myer.

Would I Purchase the Full Sizes?
Back to the bigger question at the end of the day, would I purchase the full size bottles? Yes for some and no for others. Let’s go through them each and my choice. YSL Mon Paris; I like it but I don’t LOVE it so I think I would not buy a full size, sadly. Aerin Amber Musk; yes! I would in a heartbeat. I purchased a travel size set from Aerin which was a limited edition Christmas set, and it had Amber Musk inside it, I am happy to say I would buy the 100ml size in this too, easily. Burberry My Burberry Blush; I like this one but it’s a bit strong, it mellows a little bit not as much as I’d like. It’s a no from me. MAC Ruby Woo; the red leather just turns me off, sadly. It’s a no to purchasing. Acqua di Parma Peonia Nobile; yes I think I would but only a small size, I see it worn casually or on nights out. La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme; its a yes! Definitely! I love the instant soft hue of musk, the vanilla and praline sets in shortly after, I really love this one! That’s a wrap on this post, I hope you have enjoyed reading a little more about these individual fragrances and I hope you’ll join me again for next month’s series. Have a great weekend! xo

Sampling The Scents: March 2018 – Chanel, Gucci, Chloé, Burberry & Juicy Couture

I’m an avid lover of all things beauty, and this month I’m kick-starting a brand new monthly series on my blog called ‘Sampling The Scents‘. I’m not sure about you, but I somehow accumulate a fair few fragrance samples throughout my shopping adventures. Whether it be from orders I’ve purchased online or ones I’ve received in a sample bag, I’ve got a lot. So, I decided to point a blog post focus each month toward what new fragrances I’ve been testing out recently. Each month will see a new post featuring a lineup of six different products, from varying brands, that I have chosen to focus on. Let me introduce you to this month’s sampled scents..

Sampling The Scents: March 2018; featuring Chloé, Gucci, Chanel, Juicy Couture and Burberry.

As you see above, my March 2018 ‘Sampling The Scents’ series features; Gucci Bloom, Chanel Gabrielle, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, Chloé Fleur De Parfum, Gucci Gucci Premiere and last but not least, Burberry’s ‘My Burberry’. I’ve gotten these particular ones from beauty purchases that I’ve made. I’m not sure I could pick one favourite from this lineup but I love Gabrielle Chanel and the Gucci Bloom, they would definitely be up at the very top. Now, lets break down the details on each one, shall we?

The Fragrances and Their Notes
Fragrances give us all sorts of feelings, aromas provide many vibes, our moods can change just simply by a certain scent. Known as an aroma compound we signify a ‘smell’ via the olfactory system in the upper part of our nose. Aroma compounds can be found in food, flora, wine, oils, and of course perfumes. In synthetic and natural aroma compounds of perfume, you will find what is known as the ‘fragrance wheel‘, made up of four chambers; fresh, floral, woody and oriental. Usually perfumes will be a mixture of notes under these categories. I’m going to give a run through of each six fragrances I’ve featured here, to talk about each one’s ingredient of notes, their pricing & availability, and of course what I like or dislike about them.

Gucci Bloom; top notes of citrus oranges & fresh leafy stems, middle notes of tuberose, honeysuckle & jasmine sambac, with base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, orris root and a red native Indian flower called Rangoon, which is exclusive to this fragrance. Released globally in August 2017, it is the first fragrance released under Gucci’s new creative director, Alessandro Michele. The perfume comes available in a light dusty pink, frosted bottle with white labelling, in the sizes of 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. The exterior boxing it comes in is decorated with the red Rangoon flower and other flowers over a beige background. Pricing: 30ml – $105 AUD at Myer & 50ml – $140 AUD at David Jones.

Chanel Gabrielle; top notes of grapefruit, black currant & mandarin, middle notes of ylang ylang, pear, jasmine, orange blossom & tuberose, with base notes of sandalwood, musk and orris. Gabrielle launched in 2017 with actress Kristin Stewart as the face of the campaign, the fragrance is based around four white flowers and the glass bottle (available in either 50ml or 100ml) is covered in a light golden tint that transmits light. The label is a shiny light gold with black capital font. Pricing: 35ml – $134 AUD at Myer, 50ml – $174 AUD & 100ml – $248 AUD at Myer, and the same prices at David Jones, however slightly higher at 50ml – $200.50 AUD & 100ml – $267.50 AUD at Strawberrynet.

Chloé Fleur De Parfum; top notes of bergamot, verbena & grapefruit, top notes of cherry blossom, black currant, rose & peach, with base notes of white musk, powdery rice and cedar. Released in July 2016 with Dree Hemingway as the face of the campaign, Chloé Fleur De Parfum was described as a naturally elegant and sensual veil that covers the skin. The gorgeous bottle is draped in a beige ribbon tied around it, it has no labelling, and it comes available in a 30ml, 50ml and 75ml size. Pricing: 30ml – $99, 50ml – $140 and 75ml – $180 AUD all at Myer, 50ml – $140 AUD at Mecca, 50ml – $140 & 75ml – $180 AUD at David Jones, however I found it the cheapest at 50ml – $113 & 75ml – $141.50 AUD at Strawberrynet.

Burberry My Burberry; top notes of mandarin, sweet pea, lemon, bergamot & grapefruit, middle notes of freesia, geranium, gardenia, passionfruit, fresh green notes, peach and quince, with base notes of violet, rose, patchouli and musk. My Burberry was inspired by the smell of a London garden after the rain and the iconic Burberry trench coat, Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne serve as the faces of the campaign and it was released in September 2014. The perfumer of this creation is Francis Kurkdjian, the bottle is a glass design with a honey beige tint throughout, it’s draped with a beige golden ribbon made out of the same fabric as the Burberry trench coat and with a stopper replicated of the button from the same coat. The title ‘My Burberry’ is printed across the front in a yellow gold font. It comes available in a 30ml, 50ml, 90ml and 100ml size, it is also accompanied by a range of body care products in the way of a shower oil, three soaps, a body mist and a deodorant. Pricing: 50ml – $79 AUD at Priceline (reduced down from $150), 30ml – $79.99 AUD or 50ml plus body lotion – $79.99 AUD at Chemist warehouse or 90ml plus Moisturising Body Mist – $119,99 AUD also at Chemist Warehouse, or its 30ml – $110 AUD, 50ml – $150 AUD & 90ml – $220 AUD at Myer and 30ml – $110 AUD at David Jones. Very interesting pricing situation there on this one, its cheaper at Chemist Warehouse & Priceline in this case.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy; top notes of wild berries, oranges & mandarin, middle notes of gardenia, jasmine & honeysuckle, with base notes of amber, vanilla, praline, sandalwood and caramel. Launched in 2008; the bottle design is draped with a fuchsia ribbon tied around the neck and features a typical Juicy Couture glass design with logo embossed in the glass and no labelling, the perfume is a light golden honey tint. It comes available in a 50ml and 100ml size, with also a 7.5ml roll-on, perfect for your handbag! The release also saw a range of body care products launched in the same scent, including a 200ml body cream, a 250ml bath and body lotion. Pricing: 30ml – $34.99 AUD & 100ml – $49.99 AUD at Chemist Warehouse and 50ml – $85 AUD & 100ml – $110 AUD at Myer.

Gucci Gucci Premiere; top notes of blackberry & bergamot, middle notes of orange blossom, musk & white flower, with base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and woody leather. Launched in 2012 with actress Blake Lively as the face of the campaign; in inspiration of the couture gowns worn at the Gucci Couture collection showcase at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, Gucci Premiere is dedicated to celebrating the star in every woman. The bottle design has a shiny brown exterior with gold trim, and it comes available in a 30ml, 50ml and 75ml size with a range of body care products included, such as; a 200ml shower gel, a 200ml body lotion and a 100ml body spray. Pricing: 30ml – $59.99 AUD & 75ml – $99.99 AUD at Chemist Warehouse, 50ml – $79 AUD (reduced from $125) at Priceline or the 75ml – $144 AUD at Priceline and lastly 75ml – $159 AUD at David Jones. As you can see, prices vary if you shop around. I recommend scouring online & in-store for the latest specials before ever purchasing an expensive fragrance. With that, I do hope that pricing info & the direct links have helped you be more informed.

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My Thoughts & Ratings
I have gathered my thoughts on all of the sampled fragrances featured here, some I liked more than others, some I didn’t like much at all, etc. Let me break it down for each one:

Gucci Bloom; I love how refreshed it makes me feel when I smell it, it’s floral and perfect for a night or day outing. It is beautifully feminine to me. Rating: I’m going to give it 5/5 ★★★★★.

Chanel Gabrielle; hands down my favourite of them all, it screams sexy and sensual to me, I always instantly notice the musk and orange citrus in it which I think is a lovely mixture, and musk is an all-time fave of mine. Rating: I definitely give this 5/5 ★★★★★.

Chloé Fleur De Parfum; this one gives me summer vibes and after a while it is a pretty scent, however its quite strong at first & really needs to mellow out a bit before I like it. But I eventually like the scent once it has settled. Rating: I give it 3/5 ★★★☆☆.

Burberry’s ‘My Burberry’; this one reminds me of ‘Cool Water’ by Davidoff, its fairly strong at first but mellows down to a unisex scent.. I notice the mandarin in it straight away, but its not my cup of tea. Rating: I’ll give this one 1/5 ★☆☆☆☆.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy; instantly I notice the mandarin and vanilla, it’s pretty strong at first but mellows quickly to hints of gardenia and amber. I like it, especially when its mellowed down that’s when it’s quite beautiful, its great for a lunch date or dinner night. Rating: I’ll give it 3/5 ★★★☆☆.

Gucci Gucci Premiere; at first it sort of reminds me of ‘Old Spice’ by Procter and Gamble, but it’s not quite as nice, it’s a bit bitter and I notice the woody leather scent straight away. However, it gets a bit better when the musk and white flower make their appearance. Again, it’s still not really my cup of tea but has some nice aspects to it. Rating: I give it a 2/5 ★★☆☆☆.

Sampling The Scents: March 2018; featuring Chloé, Gucci, Chanel, Juicy Couture and Burberry.

Where To Buy & Availability
The fragrances shown here are available at either of your local Myer, David Jones, Chemist Warehouse or Priceline store. Let me break down which store each bottle is available at with direct links; Gucci Bloom can be found at Myer and David Jones. Chanel Gabrielle can be found at Strawberrynet, Myer and David Jones. Chloé Fleur De Parfum can be found at Myer, Mecca, Strawberrynet and David Jones. Burberry My Burberry can be found at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Myer and David Jones. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy can be found at Chemist Warehouse and Myer. Gucci Gucci Premiere can be found at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Myer and David Jones.

Would I Purchase the Full Sizes?
The big question is, which of these fragrances would I purchase a full size bottle of? I can definitely tell you right now that I would 110% purchase a full size bottle of both the Chanel Gabrielle and the Gucci Bloom… especially the Chanel Gabrielle!! I just simply love it! I already own the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy in a 100ml size and I like it, I probably would repurchase it but I’d only get a smaller size next time, I just don’t reach for it as much as I thought I would. It’s just not that scent I get addicted to, like I do for Chanel Gabrielle. Chloé Fleur De Parfum is a lovely scent once it has mellowed down & settled, I do like it. I probably would buy it but only a small size. Would I purchase the other two? No. Maybe if my partner liked them, I would, but they’re just not for me. That wraps up this month’s focus on the fragrances, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these six featured samples and I hope you can join me again for next month’s Sampling The Scents series in April. Have a great week ahead! xo

Clinique Pep-Start Skincare Range – Full Review & Swatches

I have always been a huge fan of Clinique, I simply love their approach to skincare. Having been an avid user of their Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion for years (which is seriously terrific stuff!), you could imagine how excited and happy I was to receive a parcel in the mail of their new Pep-Start collection releases! Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying out a number of their Pep-Start products. Ahh! It was a glorious day for me when the postman had this parcel waiting for me, I can assure you! You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! And I’m still smiling.. because this gorgeous collection of new Pep-Start releases are AMAZING! Let’s get introduced to the products via a bag-spill and a run-down on each item…

Clinique Pep-Start Skincare Range

The Clinique Pep-Start Skincare Collection features products in various treatments. All of them have been designed to enhance the quality of skin, let’s list them all; for the eyes, there is the Pep-Start Eye Cream – 15ml 0.05 Fl Oz, of course for skin moisturising (a big factor), there is the Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturiser – 50ml 1.7 Oz, which doesn’t just moisturise but also blurs imperfections. In terms of exfoliation, there is the Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser – 125ml 4.2 Fl Oz, aiming to provide a daily glow and flawlessly smooth finish to the skin. On the topic of purifying the body’s skin, Clinique offer the very popular Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask – 50ml 1.7 Fl Oz, to enhance skin’s radiance, unclog the pores and purify the cells. Moving onto our pouts.. you can’t go wrong with the Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Balm – 3.6g 0.12 Oz, they’re nourishing to the lips skin and so long-lasting for hydration, they also come in a variety of subtle tints of colour; Cherry, Guava, Tangerine and Clear. Of course, the collection wouldn’t be complete without a lip mask, Clinique have included the very highly-rated Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask 10ml 0.34 Fl Oz, designed to intensely hydrate, plumpen and soothe the lips. Click through the gallery below to see swatches and take a closer look at each product in this famous Pep-Start collection..
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The Products and Formulas
The entire range is designed to hydrate your skin, smooth it out and enhance the elasticity. All products in this group have moisturising capabilities and Clinique have thought of every targeted area with these products. I have loved the way the Double Bubble Purifying Mask makes me skin feel after leaving it on for a little while and rinsing it off, it clears my skin and makes it feel so clean. I love to apply it on in the morning to set a nice base for my makeup later on and it really allows for a mattified look! Another favourite of mine from this range would have to be the Hydroblur Moisturiser, it isn’t your typical creamy moisturiser, instead it’s a lot thicker and absorbs quite well into the skin by being rubbed in circular motions over the targeted area. There is no strong scent to it either, which I know a lot of people enjoy skincare products not having. Let’s move onto the formulas of each product..

Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser; an orange clear gel with tiny clear granules.
Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturiser; a fluffy & silky light pink whipped cream.
Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask; a pinky clear gel cream that bubbles lightly.
Pep-Start Eye Cream; a white cooling, silky & smooth cream.
Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Balm; a hydrating & creamy bullet lip balm with tinted colour.
Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask; a clear gel that is silky smooth.

Clinique Pep-Start Skincare Range swatches, Top Row, L - R: Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask & Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Lip Balm, Bottom Row, L - R: Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser, Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask, Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturiser & the Pep-Start Eye Cream.

Top Row, L – R: Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask & Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Lip Balm in ‘Cherry’.
Bottom Row, L – R: Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser, Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask, Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturiser & the Pep-Start Eye Cream.

I have found this range of skincare products to be very pleasant and easy to apply. Each product is also suitable for all skin types and won’t dry you out after a few uses. I love that about Clinique products!

Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser 125ml 4.2 Fl Oz. – $29 AUD | $19.50 USD | £16.50 GBP
Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturiser 50ml 1.7 Oz. – $42 AUD | $29.50 USD | £24.50 GBP
Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask 50ml 1.7 Fl Oz. – $52 AUD | $24.50 USD | £24 GBP
Pep-Start Eye Cream 15ml 0.05 Fl Oz. – $42 AUD | $26.50 USD | £22 GBP
Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Balm 3.6g 0.12 Oz. – $36 AUD | $17.50 USD | £16 GBP
Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask 10ml 0.34 Fl Oz. – $36 AUD | $17.50 USD | £16 GBP

Where To Buy
The Pep-Start products from this Clinique collection are available at many places worldwide. As Clinique is a global brand, the products are stocked almost everywhere, yay!

In Australia, you can find all of the products from the Pep-Start collection online & in-store; at Clinique Australia, at Myer, at Sephora Australia, at David Jones, and of course at Mecca Maxima as well.

For the USA; it can be found online & in-store; at Clinique, at Sephora, at Nordstrom, at Macys, at JC Penney and at Bloomingdales.

For all shoppers in the UK; you can find these products in-store & online; at Clinique UK, Harvey Nichols, at Harrods, at Debenhams & Boots, at House of Fraser and John Lewis.

All of the products mentioned in this post (from the Pep-Start collection) are available at all of the stores mentioned directly above in ‘Where To Buy’, both in-store and online. Obviously at times in certain stores or online, there may be a low stock level but this will always be replenished as it’s an on-going permanent collection of products. How AMAZING is that?!?

The Clinique Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Balm range.

Yes, yes, yes! I definitely will! Having been a fan of Clinique for over many years, I will continue to use their products for as long as I can. If you asked me what my favourite product was, I’m not sure I could pick one. But if you asked which is my fave product from this particular collection… I would say; there’s three! The first one being the incredible Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask, the second one is the Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturiser and he third one is the Pep-Start Eye Cream. I love the feeling of the Double Bubble Purifying mask as it develops into a thin layer of bubbles on the face.

Fenty Beauty Collection by Rihanna – Products Intro, Swatches & Review

On Friday the 8th of September 2017, the WHOLE world got to finally see Rihanna’s much talked about makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Released exclusively at Sephora worldwide and at Harvey Nichols in the UK (and ALL at the same time! How’s that for fairness?!). Shelves inside every Sephora flagship store and Harvey Nichols shop were stocked up with the new coveted collection and everywhere you looked inside those stores, was shuffling beauty lovers browsing through all of the new products! One fact in particular about this new collection (which was on everybody’s minds), was the incredible 40 shade selection of the liquid foundation! Say what now? Yep! Riri has ultimately thought of EVERYBODY with this collection, having brought out the extensive 40 unique shades in the medium-to-full coverage offering. You know I HAD to pick up a couple of items to trial out, check out my first haul below..

Fenty Beauty: A flatlay of my first haul from the Fenty Beauty Collection.

Rihanna explained it quite simply at the launch… she wanted to create something for the palest person and the darkest person. Keeping in mind that not everybody has yellow or pink undertones, some people have red undertones, etc. Siri also explained that she hoped to be so inclusive that nobody had to say the usual dreaded words ‘Oh, thats a nice colour but it’ll only look nice on such and such, not really me.’ Basically Rihanna has thought of everything, and everyone. I really admire that an artist (mostly musical/singing/acting) can come out with a makeup brand all on her own, and do it SO WELL that it honestly puts some other competing high-end brands much lower in variety and convenience. Because in reality; WE’RE all different colours, tones, undertones, and every one of us would love to look OUR best self! So the variety Rihanna has accommodated for is truly outstanding and a real testament to herself, her dedication and her character. I am so impressed with this collection and how it has been launched, here’s why: everybody around the world got to purchase and try the products at the same time, meaning no country was ahead or behind. I like that a lot because why not? Why shouldn’t everybody get to witness the products and experience it at the same time? I feel that way it’s completely more fun, and also fair for everybody to not have to wait months for a release just because they’re in a certain other country. That is the first thing I really loved and was very impressed by. The second thing I really loved was that Rihanna actually physically went to the Fenty Beauty launch in New York as it happened, and celebrated with everybody. Riri also talked to the media and explained her goals and ideas for the collection, making it very clear that she had thought of everyone. Browse my unboxed haul below…

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In my order was: the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer – a pore smoothing and diffusing primer that sets a base for longwear foundation application and also states to decrease shine, the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in shades ‘100’ & ‘120’ – a quick drying, matte liquid foundation that provides a medium-to-full coverage and longwear, the Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in ‘Starstruck’ – a light, creamy shimmer formula in a magnetised stick for creating a perfectly lit highlight or blush the cheeks, the Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110, the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in ‘Metal Moon’ (also available in ‘Trophy Wife’), and the Match Stix Matte Skinstick in ‘Porcelain. I’ll go through the swatches and product reviews shortly from the products I purchased and have tried. For now I’ll talk about my favourite product and why it is my fave, and I’m talking about the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer! It is fantastic! Not only does it feel extremely light-weighted, but it also absorbs extremely well into the skin. Without an oily feeling too, it also smooths the surface on the skin and smells amazing! In fact, the scent smells like an old fave perfume of mine called ‘Amour’, by Kenzo. A really lovely vanilla-esque, musk scent that gives me reminiscent thoughts of the years I wore the fragrance. Now let’s talk about the products at hand.


L - R: Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer, Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in '100', Match Stix Matte Skinstick in 'Porcelain' & Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in 'Starstruck'.

L – R: Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer, Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in ‘100’, Match Stix Matte Skinstick in ‘Porcelain’ & Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in ‘Starstruck’.

The Products & Formulas
Let’s start with my favourite product, the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer, it is a true stand-out. This primer formula isn’t your average thick film texture, it is not anything silicone-like at all, it’s actually very thin, light-weighted and creamy instead. It absorbs into the skin like chocolate would melt on your fingers on a warm day. But thats not all, it provides an incredible lit-from-within glow from the skin! It blurs, mattifies and perfects the base of the skin. It does an amazing job of getting the skin ready for the foundation application, I was extremely impressed with the primer and better yet, it smells delicious! Onto the foundation; the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is a very comfortable liquid matte foundation that feels light on the skin, smoothing to touch and easily blends out. One thing to mention is that it dries quite quickly, so you have to be very fast at blending it out. It also does dry-down to a slightly darker colour after applying, not necessarily oxidising but definitely dries to a touch darker tone so I advise anyone to pick the shade the next tone down that would otherwise be too light for them, or select your matched shade but also the one lighter incase. The Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter is so finely milled, such a smooth textured creamy powder that melts into your skin and is so shiny! I have loved this! The Match Stix Matte Skinstick is a creamy textured formula, coming in a solid stick and interestingly enough it is very blend-able and covers pretty well.

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer – $32 USD | $46 AUD | £24 GBP
Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation – $34 USD | $50 AUD | £26 GBP
Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter – $34 USD | $50 AUD | £26 GBP
Match Stix Matte Skinstick – $25 USD | $37 AUD | £21 GBP
Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick – $25 USD | $37 AUD | £21 GBP
Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110 – $34 USD | $47 AUD | £26 GBP

Where To Buy
Exclusively available at Sephora, and at Harvey Nichols in the UK. For Australia; the collection can be found at Sephora Australia and of course for my American readers, you can find the Fenty Beauty collection at Sephora US. For my British readers from the UK, the collection can be found directly at Harvey Nichols. The previous links will take you all straight to the collection.

Everything from the collection is permanent and is available at all Sephora stores worldwide and at Harvey Nichols stores in the UK. If by chance one item or certain items sell out, do not fear as the products will be consistently restocked. Nobody should ever have to miss out! If you follow those links provided above under ‘Where To Buy’, they will take you straight directly to the Fenty Beauty collection.

Other Products Available
So far I’ve only talked about the products that I had bought & trialled myself, but there is still a lot of other items available in the collection that I haven’t yet tested. Going onto other items worth a mention, there is the Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush 120 which is a specially designed brush to hug the curve of our cheeks, brow bones, cupid’s bow, the bridge of our noses and even our collarbones to create the most precise killa glow! Then there is the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer which is a shea-butter infused formula to provide high explosive shine whilst giving the look of fuller, smoother lips. It comes in a universal rose-nude shade that Rihanna hand-picked, its meant to compliment everybody and has a delicious vanilla-peach scent. Next is the Precision Makeup Sponge 100 – a 3-sided latex-free sponge, the slanted edge to allow controlled stippling, the mini-moon edge for perfected coverage & flawless blending, and the rounded edge for all-over buffing. The Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo that features two shimmers, one subtle (for everyday wear) and one supercharged (for a night-time high-shine glow), this can be used anywhere you desire to be LIT. The last products worth mentioning is the Invisimatte Blotting Paper – a portable blotting paper roll used for quick touch-ups and is refillable, the case it comes in also has a mirror. The very last products to mention is the Portable Contour & Concealer Brush, the Portable Highlighter Brush and the Portable Touch-Up Brush, all three portable brushes come in a very compact plastic, retractable and magnetised honeycomb-shaped handle. They’re the perfect size for on-the-go, in-your-handbag type scenarios. I feel like the magnetic ability will stop anyone from losing their brushes in the bottom of their handbag or makeup bag.

Fenty Beauty: Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer and Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in '100'

110% YES! It is seriously that great! The whole collection is amazing but my most favourite product is definitely the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer! Hands down, its one of the best formulated primers that I’ve ever tried. I’m a huge fan of the Primer The Original by my beloved Australis Cosmetics but I can easily add the Fenty Beauty primer to my go-to list as well. Onto the other products, in terms of repurchasing, I would reorder the highlighters, the brush and the concealer. And whilst I like the foundation as it is light-weight, smoothing, and has a nice build able coverage, I think once it dries down the slightly darker oxidised tone is a bit of a let down. Overall, the foundation is good, but does oxidise a tad. This is just my own taste, I prefer Urban Decay’s All Nighter or MAC’s Studio Fix, or of course Estee Lauder’s Double Wear. But the rest of the products, I would definitely repurchase!

Have you tried any products from the Fenty Beauty line? What did you like?

KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection by Kylie Cosmetics – Swatches & Review

During May 2017, Kylie Cosmetics released a special collaboration with none other than Kylie Jenner‘s big sister, Kim Kardashian West. The collaboration saw a new limited edition four piece lipstick kit featuring a whole new formula, the crême liquid lipstick. ALL shades in the kit are nude but different tones of nude. As many beauty lovers would know, Kim is known for her iconic nude lip looks, its sort of become her signature go-to shade. Not only were all the shades nude toned but each lipstick in the collection was named after Kim and her nicknames; given the moniker’s ‘Kim’, ‘Kiki’, ‘Kimberly’ and ‘Kimmie’.

KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection by Kylie Cosmetics

We are all aware of the liquid lipstick range from Kylie Cosmetics, but this new collection set from Kylie Jenner’s collaboration with KKW Beauty has seen an entirely new crême formulated lipstick! With Kim Kardashian West being predominantly know for her nude lipstick looks, it was only fitting that this new four piece kit is a nude shade range, offering makeup lovers to try out and wear varying tones for a natural lip look.

The Products & Formula
The brand new formula from the KKW Beauty & Kylie Cosmetics collaboration is a light-weighted creme liquid that is between a gloss and a matte lipstick (if you were to combine the two), where they do not dry nor are they completely opaque. However, you’ll be surprised, they’re very pigmented and sort of semi-drying on the lips. They do transfer a tiny bit, so keep in mind you would need to re-touch your application if you were looking to have longer wear time or eat whilst wearing them. They also have no scented fragrance to them at all, much unlike the other regular Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks, which have a Vanilla Icing scent to them. Click through and browse the collection below..
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More on the formula; they each come in the regular quantity size tube of 0.11 Fl Oz. 3.00g, and their product description as listed on the official store site suggests that they’re a ‘sheer to medium‘ coverage that can be built based on desired lip intensity. That the unique creme formula contains moisturising and hydrating ingredients that glides on for a luxurious and creamy finish. Giving a natural sheen while feeling ultra lightweight on the lips. ‘Kiki’ is a pinky, mauve nude that has definitely become my favourite shade from the four, ‘Kimmie’ is a reddy brown tone nude which is quite opaque and a much deeper nude shade, ‘Kim’ is a peachy nude with a soft light coral twist, and ‘Kimberly’ is a true nude that is a more beige brown tone. Swatches are below, they’re on paper in natural direct sunlight. I’ll also swatch them on my arm and lips very soon, so you can see what they’re like on the skin and upon wear. But for now, here they’re…


KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection Swatches
L – R: ‘Kimberly’, ‘Kim’, ‘Kiki’ and ‘Kimmie’

$45 USD | $57 AUD (based on current rate) | £33.80 GBP (based on current rate)

Where To Buy
The only place to buy this limited edition product is of course, the official website store OR, the official website of Kim Kardashian West’s NEW beauty line, KKW Beauty.

As expected, the product completely sold out on the first launch and later on it was restocked but then sold out again. Kim recently restocked the kit on her KKW Beauty website and if there is any announcement of another restock it will be posted on the KKW Beauty Instagram & Twitter, as I believe its now the only official store selling it out of Kylie Cosmetics or KKW Beauty.

KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Crême Liquid Lipsticks Collection by Kylie Cosmetics

I would have to say… yes! I love that the formula is moisturising, not completely drying, easy to take off and still very pigmented just as the matte lipsticks are. I love the variety of nude shades and I feel like these four shades can be worn during the day and are suitable for any activity or event. I also think they have a decent duration of wear, considering these are a creme formula and aren’t completely drying, they wear quite well and last a decent amount of time on the lips. I recommend priming the lips with your fave lip primer base before application for the best duration of wear. There is also no need to moisturise the lips after wear as these beauties do not dry completely on the lips, also meaning they do not dry out your lips whatsoever.

Have you tried any of the four creme liquid lipsticks from this collaboration? What did you think of the formula and what is your favourite shade? I think mine is ‘Kiki‘.