Prai Beauty Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme & Serum – May 2022

Introducing a new-to-me brand Prai Beauty; this duo landed on my desk a few weeks ago, the Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme 50ml, and Serum 120ml. It is a duo you apply to your neck, throat and decolletage which is anti-aging and smoothens the skin, hydrates and protects the skin from environmental damages. The serum has cool rollerballs built into the dispensing end, it makes it so easy to apply and really works the serum into the skin well! Here I will go through the formulas of them both, how I’m finding them and where you can also find them, let’s take a closer look..

Products, Textures & Formulas
– Prai Beauty Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme 50ml & Serum 120ml; this duo from Prai Beauty comprises of a throat and decolletage cream that comes in a net weight of 50ml, it is a creamy, buttery soft texture, it is mildly scented and is formulated with hyaluronic acid for moisture, shea butter for softening, squalane for locking in the moisture, vitamins A, E & F for rejuvenating aged skin and any damages, mulberry, saxifrage & grapeseed extracts for evening out skin tone, the PRAI extract for suppleness and glow, and a patented sepilift technology which restores elasticity and boosts collagen. Only a pea sized amount needs to be used for any application and use smooth upward strokes from the chest to the chin, follow up a second application in the evening for best results. It comes in a sturdy solid clear plastic tub with purple hue, it has a inner layered lid for maximum seal and can sit on top of the tub when the lid is screwed on. The serum comes in a purple plastic tube with rollerballs on the applicator end where the serum is dispensed, it has a net weight of 120ml and the texture of the serum is a silky smooth liquid and it is dispensed through the edges of the rollerballs. It has a mild scent and is formulated with red algae for binding water to the skin for deep and lasting hydration, hematite extract for improving skin tone and texture, patented PRAI oil for touchable softness and goldenrod extract for protecting skin from environmental damages. It is to be applied morning and night, using smooth upward strokes from the chest to the chin as well. Squeezing the tube to dispense a generous amount is recommended.

Worldwide Prices & Availability
Prai Beauty Throat & Decolletage Creme 50ml & Serum 120ml;
Australia: $15 – 15ml, $30 – 50ml, $40 – 118ml & $63 – 200ml AUD
Available: online at Prai Beauty and TVSN Australia.

USA: $23.94 – $30.50 USD
Available: online at HSN and Feel Unique.

UK: £9 – £25 GBP
Available: online at Prai Beauty UK and Boots.

My Thoughts & Impressions
– Prai Beauty Throat & Decolletage Creme 50ml & Serum 120ml; I first tried the creme and it is very soft, it’s such a buttery cream and is absorbs into the skin quite well. I only need a pea sized amount, as a lot goes a long way, I enjoy doing the upward strokes from the chest to the chin as its like a massage and makes my skin feel very soft, smooth and more supple. I don’t mind the fragrance in the cream, it is quite nice and very mild. I have also enjoyed the serum, the rollerballs are amazing and massage the serum into the skin very well. I probably enjoy this one the most because it’s like a literal massage every time you apply it. I use it morning and night and have liked the way it makes me skin much softer and hydrated. I think the neck and decolletage is an area that is often forgotten about when it comes to skincare, so this duo is a really good addition to anyone’s skin routine. I also like the ingredients in both products, there is a lot of great extracts and the technology PRAI has is incredible! I haven’t been using them both long enough to see any neck lifting results but I do enjoy how its making my skin look and feel. Repurchase? yes I would! I really love the serum and the creme, I think I would repurchase both of them, maybe in the smaller sizes as a lot does go a long way and I think even the smaller sizes would last a long time.

Disclaimer; the products featured above were both sent in to me as press samples for consideration and reviews with no obligation to post, it is non-paid for and simply a duo I wanted to feature on my blog and platforms. As always, all opinions and thoughts here are honest and my own.